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- IMPROVES accuracy as errors become obvious and correctable in the field as they occur.

- GREATER accountability and accuracy since encoding is no longer needed.

- CUSTOMIZABLE interface allows your data collecting needs to be familiar and accessible.

- CREATION of templates allows easy editing and one-click quick access to popular housing models.

- EASY uploading and transferring of property data among clients, employees, and CAMA databases.

- INCREDIBLY easy to use computer aided and enabled sketch pad featuring Sketch Freedom
  patented technology.

- FRIENDLY touch pad interfaces allowing for simple editing, conversion and collection of data.

- POWERFUL ability to permanently link any file, folder, document, website, or picture to a digital
  property card creating a virtual hub of information for each and every property.

- ELIMINATION of most errors including; copy, coding, transcription, consistency, range, and
  communication errors.

- REDUCES the liabilities and worries of paper PRC cards including; file storage, water damage,
  misplaced or lost cards, drawn out filing and search times, and the limited ability to share data.

- CONVENIENT digitial inspection verification signature and access to online maps.

- INTEGRATED syncing allows the Powerpad to work seamlessly with other software such as GIS.

- FREE and DYNAMIC add-ons such as the Power-COMP, making appeals a snap.
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