·To Start the Program simply click the PRC Power Pad green icon found on your tablet’s desktop screen. To enable Vital Real Time uploading. Open programs in the following order: 

     1)-Open and connect your air card
     2)-Click on Vital VPN in toolbar (the lock icon) 
     3)-Open vital  ( a communication window should open automatically)
     4)-Click and open PRC Powerpad software.

·Each morning you may update all of your town property files on your PRC Power Pad.  Simply go to the Vital menu and select the Download option. You will then access the ftp server where you can quickly download your towns completely updated data file. You must be connected to the Internet and have a valid username/password to connect to the site.

·[NOTE] The PRC Power Pad has been designed to resemble its previous paper counterparts as closely as possible in order to allow an easy transition.

·To begin using the application, you may enter a block and lot in page one, or use the “lookup” search (binocular icon) to call up a property file.   Simply select the parcel you wish to work with and press the select property bar.

·You will notice that the application is broken into a series of pages, which can be accessed by clicking the tabs located in the upper part of the screen.

·Entering data into the PRC Power Pad comes by way of four easy methods a) Drop down menu b) toggle c) handwriting entry d) numerical touch pad.  Each is quick, fast, and accurate.

·You will find that the PRC Power Pad will validate your data as you enter it.  Invalid entries will turn RED and a message explaining the problem will be displayed on the bottom panel. PRC software will also alert you to any mandatory fields you may have missed when attempting to save a file.

·[TIP] When using the pc tablet “write in” entry prompt, be sure to write as close to the line as possible, also clear cursive handwriting works the best.
·[TIP] Be sure to use the lookup feature to help follow your daily workflow. X’s will be placed next to all saved and sent files as they occur. In the lookup search area you can also filter and sort by not only block/lot, but also by names, address,dates, and more.


·The Sketchpad has been designed to work as if you were using simple pencil and paper. Instead of a mouse, it uses a special pen, called a stylus.  Simply place the pen in the grid area and begin drawing. Feel free to sketch and draw as you normally do, the pad will automatically follow your moves.  Please note: Diagonal lines are displayed along with their “rise and run” as you draw.  Once completed, only the diagonal line itself remains.

·As you progress in your sketch, you can drag the correct segment label into your segment at anytime. If the segment requires a rare label, simply hit the write in button and enter the custom label for the segment. If your sketch requires a “Z” segment, press the Z segment button and enter the Z segment data.

·As you draw you can use the undo last line button to undo your last line(s) at anytime, or you can use the erase button to bring up an eraser tool.  To erase a line simply touch the line with your stylus.  You may also erase segment labels.

·The Move Sketch button allows you to pick up and move the entire sketch. The Reverse Sketch button allows you to reverse the sketch with one click. The Clear Sketch button allows you to clear the entire sketch and start over.

·Users are given the ability to draw overlapping“overhang” areas within the sketch if this is indeed still your practice. Please simply use the “base” and “overhang” option icon found on the right of the sketch to enable this practice.

·Objects such as fireplaces and air conditioners can also be placed on the sketch to enhance the accuracy of the property data. Once placed to move objects such as fireplace icons and labels, you simply need to click the Move button to pick up and move any object on the sketch.

·The Zoom feature allows you to change the scale of the sketch on the fly using the simple and powerful Zoom slider.

·At anytime you wish to resume drawing simply make sure the Pencil tab is clicked and the pencil cursor will resume.

·To load or save a Full Parcel template, or a Sketch template simply press “save” or “load” under the Template menu options.  Templates may be freely named.


·Once you complete your sketch, if the sketch is squared and legal, the encode button will become green, at this point simply hit the Encode button, and the PRC Power Pad will fill and complete the sketch and automatically encode the sketch. If there is a stray line, or the sketch is not square, the encode button will remain red, by pushing the red Encode button, a radar blip will show you where the stray line and/or error is within your sketch. You may then correct the problem and finish encoding.

·The Signature + Photo tab allows the resident to sign digitally using the pen in the appropriate area.

·To save a parcel, use the Save option located the Vital menu at the top of the screen.

·To upload your saved parcels at the end of the day, simply go to the Vital menu and select the upload/download option. Highlight all the saved property files you wish to upload to the Vital database. One click and they will all be sent and updated on the CAMA system. You will need your username/password to complete this task. If your Software is Real time enabled, to upload simply press “Save” and via your internet aircard connection, Vital’s CAMA database will receive the updated data in seconds. If you cannot get a strong internet connection in the field, The Powerpad saves the recently edited files to be uploaded at a later time when a better connection can be established.

·“I received an error during upload, now what?”   Errors will occasionally happen upon trying to upload to Vital for a variety of reasons. Users should not worry, these type errors are easy to fix and your data is safe. Simply note what the error message indicates was the problem, then simply click to the Vital dropdown and select “recall sent parcel”, then select the file in question, open, and correct the problem category, then simply resend to Vital.

·[NOTE] Please be sure the date and time on your computer is accurate.

·For additional help please use our interactive help section located under the help menu option. Phone and email support is provided and is listed in the interactive help guide.

PRC Power Pad and are Property of BRT Technologies  -All Rights Reserved